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Attention: In case you already use a Magento Webshop Module,
log in to your ICEPAY Account and change the url at the 'My Websites' button.

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Specification Webshop Module Wordpress E-Commerce 2.0.0
Version 2.0.0
Last Update 06/08/2013
Compatibility WP E-Commerce -

Offer every payment method in your WordPress E-Commerce webshop at once!

Make payments in your WordPress E-Commerce webshop possible. Download the special WordPress E-Commerce webshop module here, and you will be able to offer the most frequently used national and international online payment methods. Below you will find all of the options the WordPress E-Commerce webshop module offers, and what the fees are per type of account.


You can install the ICEPAY WordPress E-Commerce Webshop Module fast and easily in your webshop. This way, you can have a quick start with the ICEPAY payment services for your webshop.



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With the ICEPAY WordPress E-Commerce Webshop Module, you have a vast array of options:

  • Easy installation; adjust the settings and start to use the ICEPAY payment services straight away
  • Support of all ICEPAY Accounts and payment methods
  • Extra possibilities for adjusting your payment methods: You can set your payment methods locally in your own webshop and for example change the display name
  • Your paying customer will be directed immediately from your checkout to the chosen payment method. So the customer will not notice anything of the link between your webshop and ICEPAY.
  • Fraud prevention: including IP verification of payment information


Version Date Compatibility
2.0.0 06/08/2013 WP E-Commerce - Download
1.0.2 15/10/2012 WordPress E-Commerce Download
1.0.1 02/10/2012 Wordpress E-Commerce Download
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