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Accept online PayPal Payments

Online PayPal transactions: Introduction

PayPal is an online payment service which is rapidly gaining in popularity in the Netherlands, and is used by millions of people all over the world for online payments between private individuals and to companies. It has recently become possible to make PayPal payments via mobile telephones. All you need is an e-mail address to make payments. In 2010, PayPal had a total transaction volume of 92 billion dollars, and with 2.4 million accountholders, PayPal is experiencing explosive growth in the Netherlands as well. One out of four people making purchases online in the Netherlands has a PayPal account, and PayPal may be used to make payments via 36% of the Dutch webshops.

Accept PayPal payments on your site: How to

It is simple. Basically, you have to follow the same procedure for any payment method:

*** ATTENTION: A special request is needed for credit card and giropay. Please be aware that this takes several weeks. When your account goes live, you can provide every available payment method for your account in your webshop, except credit card and giropay. You can only offer credit card and giropay in your web shop when your request for these payment methods is approved.

Online PayPal transactions: Advantages and possibilities

PayPal makes it possible for people to make payments quickly, safely and easily, without having to use a bank account or credit card. More and more consumers have a PayPal account as a result. By offering PayPal, you can offer (even) more consumers a fast, easy and diverse method of payment. PayPal offers the possibility to the paying customer without a PayPal account, to pay with creditcard to the PayPal account of the accepting party. This way, merchants without the possibility in their webshop to pay directly by creditcard, can accept creditcard payments from their customersto their PayPal account.

Once a consumer has made a PayPal or creditcard payment, ICEPAY will send you confirmation that the payment has been made. Once you have received this message, you can send the order to the customer. This means a high-speed order processing, which benefits you and the customer. You only pay charges to PayPal and ICEPAY for each transaction received, and therefore no monthly or start-up costs. If you offer PayPal via ICEPAY, you will not fall under the PayPal conditions of protection since the shipping address is not yet supported. ICEPAY compensates for this by processing your PayPal refunds and chargebacks for you.

The advantages of PayPal for your webshop:

  • Possibility for consumers to pay without having to provide credit card and/or bank details;
  • Reach a large group of consumers that continues to grow;
  • Fast and easy, for you and your customers;
  • Possibilty to accept cerditcard payments;
  • No monthly fees/start-up costs;
  • ICEPAY handles your refunds and chargebacks for you.

Application procedure

If you would like to include PayPal as one of the payment methods you offer in your webshop, you will need a PayPal account that is linked to your ICEPAY account. There are two ways to open this type of PayPal account:

  1. If you already have a PayPal account: you can modify your account settings to link your PayPal and ICEPAY accounts to one another.
  2. If you do not have a PayPal account yet: you can create a PayPal account via ICEPAY, and the accounts will be linked to one another immediately.

Online PayPal transactions: How it works for customers

Payment procedure

ICEPAY acts as the intermediary between you and PayPal. In terms of the payment procedure, this means that if your customer indicates a preference for paying by PayPal, he or she will be directed via ICEPAY to the PayPal payment page. Your customer will not be aware of this extra step via ICEPAY. Payments for your transactions will be made into your PayPal account and thus not into your ICEPAY account. Although the transaction will be shown on your ICEPAY account (e-states), ICEPAY does not pay out any of this amount.

For your customers, paying using PayPal is easy.

All your customer has to do is:
  1. Choose a product in your webshop;
  2. Choose PayPal as the payment method;
  3. Execute and approve the payment via the secure PayPal environment;
  4. And: the payment is complete.

This payment method is available in:

  • World wide

Supported currencies:

  • EUR - European Euro
  • USD - United States Dollar
  • AUD - Australian Dollar
  • GBP - United Kingdom Pound
  • CAD - Canada Dollar
  • CZK - Czech Republic Koruna
  • DKK - Denmark Krone
  • HUF - Hungary Forint
  • JPY - Japan Yen
  • NOK - Norway Krone
  • NZD - New Zealand Dollar
  • PLN - Poland Zloty
  • SGD - Singapore Dollar
  • SEK - Sweden Krona
  • CHF - Switzerland Franc
  • BRL - Brazil Real
  • HKD - Hong Kong Dollar
  • ILS - Israel Shekel
  • MYR - Malaysia Ringgit
  • MXN - Mexico Peso
  • PHP - Philippines Peso
  • TWD - Taiwan New Dollar
  • THB - Thailand Baht
  • TRY - Turkey Lira
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