About Payment Service Provider ICEPAY

Payment Service Provider ICEPAY

Global payments. Local service

Payment Service Provider ICEPAY has been active in the micro-payment market since 1999. By creating an experienced team of international marketing and development experts, a product has been created that fits the demands of the market. Experience has taught us to listen carefully to the needs of the final users. Therefore, together with our clients, we developed a system that allows us to provide services and products as efficiently as possible.

All of your online payment methods in a single account

ICEPAY offers you all of the online payment methods you wish to use in one convenient account. At ICEPAY, you have a choice of four different accounts. Depending on your business operations and your company’s specific preferences, you choose the type of account that best suits your needs.

International range

The ICEPAY team is constantly looking for the best, safest and most commonly used payment methods offered on a national and international level. This way, ICEPAY customers will always have access to a broad range of payment methods used internationally. Whether you only plan to target the market for your products in the Netherlands, or aim to offer your online products and services internationally, the ICEPAY team would be happy to help you find the most suitable payment methods for your web shop.

Broad range of payment methods

ICEPAY offers you a payment platform with a broad spectrum of products and services that meets the many different types of needs related to online payments. The ICEPAY team closely monitors the developments in the field of online payment products so that we will be able to offer our customers the most up-to-date range of payment methods on a continual basis. The number of payment methods available for each ICEPAY account varies. Based on your needs for available payment methods, you choose the account best suited to your business.

Easy integration

The ICEPAY development team is constantly working on the development of the most advanced web shop modules. This makes it easy for ICEPAY customers to always be able to offer every payment method in their web shops. In addition to payment methods and web shop modules, ICEPAY also offers several other extra services and features which will make ICEPAY even more of a pleasure to use!

Service that meets your needs

In order to customize our assistance to meet your needs, ICEPAY offers service at various levels within the four accounts. It is possible to consult a personal account manager at all times, however, if you do not require this service, you can contact our online support desk. The account best suited to your business therefore also depends on your service needs.